Stuffed Tux

Stuffed Tux

With an eye toward ultimate quality, this stuffed Tux was built to be the most huggable, durable and fade-resistant Tux ever. At a little more than 12" tall, Tux makes his presence known in any room.

Original list price $25, dropped to $19 to allow more people to purchase more Tuxes.

Price: $ 19

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kurt Mansel
    I got one stuffed tux for my daughter and my son wanted one too, so I bought a second. It's very well built and looks like it will hold up to a lot of abuse. The kids drag their animals everywhere.

    I don't mind when they bring Tux along with us when we go out. Tux is fun to show off, especially when people recognize that it's not just a stuffed animal.

    Several times at a restuarant or check out line someone has asked, "Hey is that Tux? Linux?" It's great.
  • Author: Tom Duggan
    I put this Tux on my desk at work and it's great to see that it has a solid base. He stands up without falling over, sturdy. It's better quality than I expected.
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