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Huawei demonstrated great growth in the tablet market in this first quarter of 2024, with a 70% increase in its sales and rising several positions in representation to get even closer to the two giants of this industry: Apple and Samsung.

In comparative terms, in 2023 in this same period the Chinese company represented 4.8% of the market with 1.607 million units sent to stores. It now has a share of 8.1% and has already shipped 2.735 million devices. If the previous year it was in a poor sales position, now it is in third place.

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It is seen in Canalys’ market analysis that despite Samsung remaining “untouched”, Apple’s sales fell sharply in contrast to Huawei’s significant increase. Obviously it is not close to reaching it, but it is undeniable that the Chinese company must have cannibalized its sales – especially within its own territory.


Even though it doesn’t surpass it, its growth is scary. Apple saw a 13.9% drop in sales and Samsung saw an increase of 1.2%. In other words, if they continue at this pace, this distance will soon become smaller and will begin to threaten their positions. Lenovo and Amazon are already below it at the moment, by the way.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just Huawei that saw an increase in sales. The total consumption of tablets also saw a growth – shy, but representative – of 1% in total. In 2023 we had sales of 33,365 million in the first quarter and, in the same period in 2024, there were 33,698 million.


Huawei vs. Apple

Even though we are witnessing a significant increase in sales of Huawei tablets, Apple does not intend to continue losing sales to its competitors in 2024. Rumors suggest that they will announce the iPad Pro with M4 CPU – the announcement of which should take place at the “Let Loose” event in tomorrow (7).

However, its new rival will not stand still either and should produce even better chipsets in the future – as it advances within the Chinese semiconductor industry. Its Mate 70 device, for example, will launch in October and will use the corporation’s first 5nm process in addition to the Kirin SoC.


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