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Information was found about the next ASUS notebooks, which will have the new AMD CPUs with Zen 5 “Strix Point” architecture and there will be fourteen models initially from the manufacturer that will feature the new processor structure.

On the page, it is revealed that these 14 are compatible with a new 240W power supply adapter – indirectly confirming that the models are part of the new line and that their specifications may be officially released during Computex 2024.

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Check out the list of 14 ASUS notebooks with AMD Hawk Point and Strix Point CPUs below:

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16 (AMD Edition)

  • GA605WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050;
  • GA605WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060;
  • GA605WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A14 Series)

  • FA401WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050;
  • FA401WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060;
  • FA401WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070;
  • FA401UU: Hawk Point + RTX 4050;
  • FA401UV: Hawk Point + RTX 4060;
  • FA401UI: Hawk Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A16 Series)

  • FA608WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050;
  • FA608WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060;
  • FA608WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS Creator ProArt P16

  • M7606WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050;
  • M7606WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060

ASUS Creator ProArt X13

  • HN7306WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050;
  • HN7306WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060;
  • HN7306WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

Details of the new CPUs in ASUS notebooks

As you can see in the nomenclature presented by ASUS, the “W” will be equipped with AMD Strix Point (Zen 5) processors, while the “U” versions will have Hawk Point APUs (8040 line). The last letter is related to the mobile GPUs that will accompany the hardware – with all the models above featuring discrete NVIDIA graphics cards.

As we said above, it is possible that the official reveal of the next notebook models will be revealed within Computex 2024. AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, will give the opening presentation of the event and should provide more details about its CPUs – so how they should be available for the public to test during activity days.

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