Launched as the Super Famicom in Japan, and Super Nintendo in America, one of the most famous consoles of all time was auctioned. But not the version that many had access to, but a true rarity. A prototype of the console, one of the versions produced by Big N’s research and development team before defining the version for the final consumer.

The design of this prototype is based on the Japanese version of the console, which was launched with a different style to what we know from the model launched in the USA.

The structure is very similar to the retail version, the main changes are the on and off button, which is red, not gray, as in the final product. Furthermore, on one side there is a headphone jack, a button to change the volume and also an expansion port at the bottom.

Initially the auction was held on the Yahoo Auctions platform, but it was quickly canceled as a large number of bids were considered illegal. The objective was just to violate the price of the product. Before being closed, the price had already exceeded US$6.4 million.

A new auction for this Super Nintendo prototype has been established on the ZenMarket website. Successfully completed, the product was sold for 1.5 million yen, equivalent to R$49,000.


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