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The US revealed that it plans an investment of $285 million in the semiconductor industry for productions that use the “digital twin”. According to the Biden administration, the American government is already receiving applications to study the transfer of funds.

A “digital twin” is a virtual model used to test and optimize the production of physical objects and systems – like a simulation. An example of this is seen in the automobile industry, which seeks to use this technology in its factories to experiment with new production processes without causing losses or interrupting current work.

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According to information presented by the USA, the $285 million will be aimed at research into the development of digital twins in semiconductors, construction and support of physical/digital factories, demonstration projects for industry and workforce training.

The objective, logically, is to further boost the semiconductor industry in the United States and bring about major technological advances – currently occurring largely in territories such as China and Taiwan. Major moves have already been made within this initiative, with more likely to be announced throughout 2024.

Companies located in the USA that wish to present their projects will be able to participate in a digital seminar that will take place on May 8th. Corporations that can join the program include non-profit organizations, universities, governments and “domestic” companies (focusing on the US domestic market).

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The US wants the advance for yesterday

According to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Laurie E. Locasccio, the US focus is on projects that reduce the cost of chip development and production.

Currently, no country has invested at the necessary scale or successfully unified the industry to unlock its enormous digital twin technology potential for breakthrough discoveries.

Laurie E. Locasccio

Credits: PIxabay

It is important to note that the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 investments were initiated after the Biden administration saw the US drop from 40% to 10% representation in the global semiconductor industry – moving several economic sanctions on China and also injecting millions of dollars in giants of the tech world.

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