Definitely finding a solution to display ads on paused content is the newest obsession of some companies. Roku is already trying to reach a definition in this regard for its SmartTVso Youtube is also testing something along these lines for videos on the platformand video streaming from Amazon also confirmed that it will adopt this advertising model.

Did you pause your series? Take advertisement

Prime Vídeo, the e-commerce giant’s video streaming service, confirmed that it will adopt advertising when some content is paused. This strategy aims to expand the adoption of commercials on the service, which implemented advertisements throughout the programming for subscribers to the service’s basic plan in the United States and Canada.

Amazon justifies the action with the speech of increasing revenue to turn this into more content. As the streaming market became more pulverized, the need to produce more attractive content, which demands even more investment, also grew dramatically.

How these ads will work in paused content

As Amazon explains, ads implemented in paused content will be interactive, with carousels that bring suggestions based on the subscriber’s habits. The famous targeted advertising. Initially, the platform should focus on its own products, such as the Echo line of devices, for example, but Amazon’s commercial partners may also join the game.

““The ad will automatically pause so consumers can browse, and automatically resume when an interaction stops”, explained the company. The new advertisements will appear during films, series and live sporting events broadcast on the platform, such as the NBA.

Amazon has not yet confirmed when it will start applying this new type of advertising on its platform.


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