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Overclocker Toppc, from MSI, spoke about the Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs and states that some models will already be on the market from the third quarter of 2024.

The professional was present at the MSI Dragon event, in Wuhan – China, and revealed that he will have to wait until Q3 2024 to discuss the ARL-S (Arrow Lake-S). The speech indicates that we may see a prior announcement of the new processors or even a limited distribution to manufacturers and overclockers for testing.

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It is important to mention that the early arrival of Intel Core Ultra 200 chips for these corporations like MSI is essential – considering that they have to analyze the technology with the latest samples or versions of the processors to produce their technologies and compatible products properly.

Representatives from the Chiphell forum were present at the event in Wuhan, also points out that it is possible that Intel is preparing to distribute promotional materials for its Arrow Lake-S chip during Computex 2024. It is worth noting that Pat Gelsinger, the company’s CEO, himself will make a presentation at the event.

Obviously, Intel has not commented on whether it will reveal the Core Ultra 200 CPUs within its presentation at the event or not. However, it is the ideal time for this: considering that they want to launch the SKUs on the market in 2024 and there they will have all the industry’s attention focused on their activities.

Intel Core Ultra 200V Lunar LakeIntel Core Ultra 200V Lunar Lake

Rumors about the Intel Core Ultra 200 line

Rumors and leaks related to Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs suggest that the line will have six different products at launch. With a new nomenclature, plans are to launch the 285K, 275, 265K, 255, 245K and 240 chips.

All of them will be compatible with the new LGA-1851 socket and are expected to arrive in 2024. As it would make its debut in the canceled Meteor Lake-S, which would be aimed at the desktop market, it makes sense that the focus is on bringing forward the I work with Arrow Lake-S to make it available on the market as soon as possible.

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