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Responsible for the development and standardization of PCI Express, PCI-SIG announced this week the specifications of the new generation of cables. Called CopprLink, it plans to meet the demands of the most modern storage systems, data centers and artificial intelligence.

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The presentation of the new cables highlighted that they are not specifically aimed at consumers. Companies, on the other hand, will be able to implement it as they see the need.

Photo: Disclosure/PCI-SIG

CopprLink appears as an updated development of the company, capable of supporting PCIe 5.0 and 6.0 technologies. Furthermore, they can guarantee transfer rates of 32 and 64 GT/s, respectively. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended for companies with high demand.

Within the PCI-SIG structure, there are three working groups: the Electrical Working Group (EWG), the Cable Working Group (CWG), and the Optical Working Group (OWG). The latter is still developing optical cable solutions for even faster systems, although the current specifications already represent an advance.

The internal cables use the SNIA SFF-TA-1016 connector and are intended for connections within a single system, with a maximum range of 1 meter. They are applicable for motherboard-to-expansion card, motherboard-to-backplane, chip-to-chip, and expansion-card-to-backplane connections in a self-contained server platform node.

Photo: Disclosure/PCI-SIG

The external cables, with the SNIA SFF-TA-1032 connector, support distances of up to 2 meters, ideal for connections of CPU to storage, CPU to memory, CPU to accelerator and accelerator fabrics on disaggregated server platform nodes. It primarily targets data center applications and AI/ML use cases.

With demand for advanced storage systems and external GPUs steadily increasing, both for gaming and AI acceleration, CopprLink adoption is likely to reach the consumer market faster than its predecessor.

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