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Micron announced the launch of its high-end DDR5 RDIMM memory for servers and data centers with artificial intelligence, featuring 128GB of storage and a speed of 8000 MT/s – becoming the first to offer these capabilities.

According to the manufacturer, 1β (1-beta) technology is used – which brings a 45% improvement in bit density, 22% greater energy savings and up to 16% lower latency compared to 3DS “through” products. -silicon via” (TSV).


Micron’s DDR5 RDIMM memory is also 28% faster than competitive AI training products. However, it is worth noting that they did not provide the parameters for equivalence – that is, until impartial tests are carried out it should not be taken as absolute data.

The manufacturer’s strategy is to bring memories capable of handling the high volume of data transfer caused by AIs in servers and data centers. She is not alone in this, as today (3) we also saw that SK Hynix is ​​promising 300TB storage SSDs focusing on this segment.

According to Micron, the 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory will be available for purchase through its global distribution channel and resellers from June 2024. However, it is worth noting that it has not also disclosed the price at which it will reach the market – so new information should be made available by next month.


Micron reaches new heights

Even though much is debated between the leadership between Samsung and SK Hynix, Micron does not plan to be left behind in this great dispute for the most suitable memories – both in the consumer and professional markets. And the 128GB DDR5 RDIMM is the way they found to remain relevant in this industry.

With the latest record shipments, Micron continues to lead the market in bringing high-capacity RDIMMs that have qualified on all major CPU platforms to our customers. Artificial intelligence servers will now be configured with Micron’s 24GB 8-high HBM3E for GPU-attached memory and 128GB RDIMMs for CPU-attached memory to deliver the increased capacity, bandwidth, and power consumption infrastructure required for intensive workloads from memory.

Praveen Vaidyanathan, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Compute Producots Group division


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