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NVIDIA revealed that production of its “Blackwell” DGX GB200 servers – aimed at artificial intelligence – will begin in the second half of 2024, with their availability occurring in early 2025 and bringing a financial return that should further boost profits and manufacturer’s recipe.

Expectations are that the DGX GB200 model will have an even higher adoption rate than that seen in the “Hopper” line – which we can say was not small. Initially, 40,000 units are expected to be circulating in large technology companies in the first months of next year.

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The Taiwan Economic Daily report points out that the NVIDIA “Blackwell” DGX GB200 servers are divided into three segments: the DGX NVL72, NVL32 and the HGX B200. The main focus of its calculations is related to the NVL72, which will feature 72 units of B200 GPUs.

Considering that each NVL72 cabin costs around $13 million, these 40,000 units are expected to gross $520 billion with just one of its components. The value of the others was not revealed, which should bring even more money to the manufacturer and its coffers when selling the “complete set”.

According to the report, NVIDIA’s main commercial partners that are expected to acquire a large quantity of DGX GB200 servers will be Foxconn and Quanta. Foxconn, in fact, is expected to show a large recovery in server revenue, potentially reaching up to $140 billion during the year 2025.

NVIDIA dominating the AI ​​market

As much as all major technological corporations are investing in artificial intelligence at the moment, it is undeniable that NVIDIA, which is at the center of all this, will achieve even greater profits and revenue with its servers than what it has achieved over the last few years.

Considering the expansion of the AI ​​market, these numbers on “Blackwell” GPUs and servers such as the DGX GB200 could become even higher – considering that only expectations were presented.


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