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SK Hynix announced, during its own conference that took place in Seoul – South Korea – its new products related to memory and storage. Among them, an SSD with an impressive 300TB of capacity.

According to the Korean manufacturer, this is a pre-announcement and is part of an even larger line of products and technologies in its portfolio that will be used in the future in data centers and in artificial intelligence running locally.

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Market research organized by SK Hynix itself points out that the volume of data that will be generated by AIs and developers is up to 660 zettabytes in 2030. And it is with this scenario in mind that they work on 100TB HDDs and 300TB SSDs – since all This amount of information will have to be stored somewhere.

Obviously 300TB is a massive and absurd amount for us, mere ordinary consumers. However, in the AI ​​market that is increasingly being explored by technology companies and with substantial advances, these storage units will be necessary to maintain the standards that will be required.

SK Hynix is ​​expected to present more information and specifications about its 300TB SSDs in the coming years, but this is just one of the announcements made at the presentation. It also said it is working on HBM4, HBM4E memories, CXL Pooled Memory and Processing-in-Memory solutions, LPDDR6, GDDR7, PIM and high-capacity DDR5.


On the initiative of SK Hynix

While waiting for more information about SK Hynix’s 300TB SSDs, it is important to understand that this could be a response to the action of rival Samsung – which brought “PBSSD” with customized servers to store up to 240TB of data.

These machines were produced to offer a balance between capacity, performance per TB, reliability and energy efficiency – an idea that can also be used in the Korean corporation’s upcoming SSDs.

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