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Although it confirmed this Tuesday (7) that the successor to the Nintendo Switch is indeed in production, the Japanese company did not reveal many details about the device. However, at a shareholder meeting held shortly after the announcement, President Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that it will not be a revolution.

Asked what consumers can expect from the new hardware, Furukawa stated that it will not be something completely new. The executive reportedly stated that the best way to describe him is to call him the “next Switch model”, confirming that a hybrid format will be maintained.

Furukawa’s statement confirms several rumors that have been circulating for over a year. They state that while the new product should have a higher resolution screen and modified controls, it should not represent a fundamental way in which games are played — but unique features like a camera shouldn’t be discounted.

New Switch should bring backwards compatibility

Nintendo’s decision not to change the team that is winning makes sense given the popularity that the Switch has achieved since it hit stores in 2017. The most recent official figures shared by the company show that the platform has already had 141 million units sold to date. time.

Nintendo's new console will be a continuation of the SwitchNintendo's new console will be a continuation of the Switch
Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

Although the hybrid console’s sales pace is slowing, the Japanese manufacturer is optimistic regarding the end of its life cycle. She believes that, when the product is discontinued, it will have managed to surpass the total number of copies that the Nintendo DS sold — officially, it had 154.82 million units sold.

Recent reports indicate that Nintendo will not forget the legacy of the Switch and its new console will bring full backwards compatibility with physical and digital titles. However, it still doesn’t seem clear whether old games will have performance improvements or whether the company will sell DLCs that will guarantee better visuals on the new hardware.

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