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A new tool has been added by NVIDIA to make it even easier to install the game streaming service – GeForce NOW – on Valve’s Steam Deck devices.

The manufacturer included a new script that was produced to automate the entire installation process of its service on laptops, allowing it to automatically install Google Chrome and add all the necessary settings and adjustments so that it can run its games without any major problems.

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Steam DeckSteam Deck

It’s important to note that the script included by NVIDIA is still in the “beta” stage – so it probably won’t be free of errors or bugs. Still, it will be a simpler way to play games available on GeForce NOW within the Steam Deck.

Another detail worth paying attention to is that, in the official announcement of the new tool made available by them, it is also mentioned that the tool will allow players to access games via the cloud from their libraries outside of Steam – such as on GOG or the Epic Games Store .

It is worth noting that the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service has always been compatible with the Steam Deck, but the process required the user to fiddle with the settings – which could cause problems if something was not adjusted properly. The manufacturer’s intention is to “remove bureaucracy” from its installation and leave all adjustments as recommended.

GeForce Now XboxGeForce Now Xbox

Updates to NVIDIA GeForce NOW

NVIDIA isn’t just thinking about the Steam Deck, with the latest GeForce NOW update allowing other devices to enjoy an even more enhanced experience.

According to the platform, the latest update ensures that its users can use controls while playing on the service within browsers – including in the case of the Steam Deck and other portable devices.

NVIDIA will shut down GeForce NOW in Russia in OctoberNVIDIA will shut down GeForce NOW in Russia in October

Plans available in Brazil

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is officially available in Brazil, with the following plans enabled in our territory:

FREE – standard access, 30-minute session with 2-minute ads;

DAY PASS – for R$22.99 per day, the user has access to the Priority plan for a period of 24 hours and sessions lasting a maximum of 5 hours;

PRIORITY – for R$63.90 per month or R$342.90 per semester, the user has access to 40 hours of content per month and sessions lasting a maximum of 4 hours per day.

Source: Gamespot

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