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Apple has officially revealed its M4 chips, which will integrate its wide range of future devices and they are the first to be produced with artificial intelligence as its main feature. Its manufacturing used TSMC’s 3 nm process.

CPUs with M4, according to the manufacturer, have 50% faster performance than that seen in their M2 processors. They will have 10 cores (4 for performance and 6 for efficiency), as well as an iGPU with 10 cores.


As we stated above, this is Apple’s first project thinking about AI and it is stated that its Neural Engine will feature processing that can reach 38 trillion operations per second (TOPS). It is a number below the next AMD and Intel CPUs, which promise 45 to 50 TOPS in their next generation.

Still, it is worth noting that the corporation did not present M4 benchmarks – so a comparison between Apple’s new processors and what has already been announced by other manufacturers should not yet represent which will be the best of the upcoming hardware.


According to the corporation, chips with M4 will be equipped in the iPad Pro – which will hit the market in 2024 – and in future models of notebooks and Mac computers. Its architecture will also allow for a new technology that will be seen in the next OLED displays – bringing even greater color accuracy and brightness.

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Apple sees the company’s future in the M4

Apple’s vice president of hardware technologies, Johny Srouji, stated that the manufacturer will make a technological leap with the new chip.

The new iPad Pro with M4 is a great example of how building custom chips with the best of what’s available brings innovative products. The power consumption performance of the M4, alongside its new display engine, makes the slim design and game-changing display of the iPad Pro possible, while there are fundamental improvements to the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine and system. memory that make the M4 extremely well suited for the latest applications leveraging artificial intelligence

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