A Apple left subtle clues in his invitation to the event titled “Just Imagine” (“Let loose”), which led us to understand that some of the accessories most used and loved by fans of iPads would undergo a significant update last Tuesday (7).

The rumors circulating on social media and specialized forums hit home about the news about these accessories. I’m talking specifically about Apple Pencil It’s from Magic Keyboard. Let’s dive into the details of the updates to these two very useful accessories for iPad owners!

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Apple Pencil Pro

Let’s start by talking about Apple Pencil Pro. The recently launched Apple Pencil Pro reaffirms its position as Apple’s most advanced “stylus pen” to date, incorporating a series of improvements and innovations that exceed all expectations in relation to the previous model.

One of the most interesting features of this device is the incorporation of haptic feedbackwhich provides an extremely authentic experience, almost simulating the feeling of using a real pencil when interacting with different software.

Additionally, it includes a improved gyroscopeoptimizing the precision with which you can rotate the pencil to manipulate brushes and other creative tools within applications, such as Procreate — whose integration was a highlight in the product presentation.

As a new intuitive feature, exert pressure on the Apple Pencil, users will now be able to perform specific tasks, a feature that exponentially expands the possibilities of use. And following the trend of the brand’s other devices, this one also can be tracked by the Search network (Find My), as is the case with AirPods and AirTag, bringing greater security and peace of mind to users.

It is worth remembering, however, that the new Apple Pencil Pro is Compatible exclusively with the latest releases of iPads Air e Pro.

Magic Keyboard

Not falling behind, the Magic Keyboard It also received meticulously designed updates to complement the new iPad Pro lineup.

The new “keyboard cover” now features an aluminum design, resulting in a lighter and thinner keyboard than previous models. Included was a additional row of function keysdedicated to quick adjustments such as brightness, volume, among others, in addition to benefiting from a enlarged trackpad which promises to improve the user experience.

This redesigned Magic Keyboard is specifically designed to perfectly fit the new iPad Pro. However, the previous model is still available for sale, maintaining compatibility with previous versions of the iPad Pro as well as the iPad Air.

Both the sophisticated Apple Pencil Pro, for the price of (US$130), as well as the renewed Magic Keyboard, available for (US$300 for the 11-inch model, and US$350 for the 13-inch), are now available for purchase in several countries, including the USA. Consumers will be able to choose between the classic colors, white or black, and can expect deliveries to begin from Wednesday (15/5).

In Brazil, we are still waiting for the launch of these products. When available, Apple Pencil Pro will be priced at R$1.500 and the Magic Keyboard will be starting at the price of R$3.300. It is worth mentioning that Apple offers a 10% discount for payments made in cash.

Smart Folio

In addition, Apple brought to the market a brand new Smart Folio. This case differentiates itself by offering support for a wider variety of angles and greater flexibility of use.

Available in black, white and denim for iPads Pro and in light violet, charcoal grey, sage and denim for iPads Air, aligning with consumers’ aesthetic preferences.

As for prices in the USA, the Smart Folio has a value of US$80 for the 11-inch and US$100 for the 13 inch. Meanwhile, in the Brazilian market, established prices are R$900 e R$1.100respectively, also benefiting from the 10% discount for those who choose to pay in cash.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/apple-pencil-pro-e-magic-keyboard-novos-acessorios-ipads.html

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