During an event held last Tuesday (7), the Apple presented its brand new iPad Pro e iPad Air. Technology fans and loyal customers of the brand can now pre-order these devices in several countries around the globe.

However, it is important to mention that Brazilian consumers will have to wait a little longer, as the launch of the tablets in Brazil will take place in the following weeks, although the official prices have already been revealed.

No charger for you Europeans

However, one detail that really caught our attention during the announcement was the realization that now tablets do not come with a charger in the box in several European territories.

It is worth noting that, until then, iPads were among the few Apple products that were still sold with a 20W charger.

Currently, many consumers in Europe, when unpacking their new devices, are only faced with a USB-C to USB-C cable, without the presence of the traditional wall charger, as we can see in the image below:

iPad without charger

Meanwhile, in the Brazilian market, as well as in the United States and certain Asian countries, the North American company continues to supply the traditional 20W charger along with the product. The motivation behind this difference in box contents appears to be related to European regulatory initiatives focused on reducing electronic waste.

Charger is still maintained in other countries (we don’t know for how long)

To date, the Cupertino giant has not officially commented on this new iPad packaging policy; however, it is reasonable to predict that such a decision will incite questions from both consumers and European Union regulatory authorities.

Leaving this issue a little aside and now talking about the news announced along with the new iPads, it is worth noting that there are significant advances in the new devices. For example, the adoption of an OLED screen on iPad Pro models, as well as the integration of M4 chipset, highly capable for Artificial intelligencein addition to notable improvements in the device’s connection capacity.

Last but not least, Apple also promoted a positive adjustment in the price of the tenth generation iPad in Brazilian territory, continuing its strategy of offering cutting-edge technologies at more affordable costs for local consumers. If you want to know all the news announced with the two new tablets, just read the articles below:

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/ipad-pro-ipad-air-vendidos-sem-carregadores-caixa.html

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