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VESA announced new standards for DisplayHDR 1.2 certification, which include even higher specifications and quality requirements – evaluating luminance, color gamut and bit depth, as well as several new tests such as color accuracy, contrast ratio, black color and flicker in caption.

According to the corporation, the products can now be certified from now on and announced that it will continue working with DisplayHDR 1.1 until May 2025 for monitors and May 2026 for notebooks – allowing new models to still receive the previous certification.


VESA Requirements for DisplayHDR 1.2

Among the updates announced by VESA for DisplayHDR 1.2 are even greater requirements for color gamut – improving the accuracy of monitors and displays. This includes the addition of the DCI-P3 color gamut for the DisplayHDR 400 label – as will also be seen in the 500, 600 and 1,000 tiers to have parity with the 1,400.

Furthermore, it is now defined that the minimum bit depth to be certified in tier 400 is 8 bits + 2 bits using frame rate control (FRC).

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VESA has also determined that white luminance levels in testing for DisplayHDR 1.2 will be modified from 10% centered on a black background to 8% centered on a square with a non-white background.

This change will allow the test to be more appropriate for realistic conditions when the display is lit – for example, when HDR video is in a window while SDR content occupies the rest of the screen.

In addition, VESA has also changed luminance and white point accuracy testing requirements, as well as expanded testing to include a wider range of analyzes – from 1 cd/m² to nearly 100% logo tier level.

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Testes do DisplayHDR 1.2

According to VESA, these are the new tests that will be carried out to certify monitors and displays for the new DisplayHDR 1.2:

  • New color understanding accuracy test that measures the Delta-TP of 86 distinct colors at each of three different luminance levels, testing HDR color accuracy across a range of representative color tones. With this new test, the updated specifications allow for Delta-TP errors of 8 at tier 400, 500, and 600 levels and Delta-TP errors of 6 at tier 1000 levels and higher;
  • New static contrast ratio, which requires higher contrast ratios in display hardware specifications at all levels and additionally requires 2D local dimming in DisplayHDR tiers of level 1000 and higher;
  • New HDR vs SDR black level test to help ensure premium black level performance in HDR mode while reducing power consumption and improving battery usage time (on notebook displays, for example);
  • New black crush test to measure accuracy across multiple black luminance levels, ensuring displays have plenty of shadow detail for image or video creation or consumption.
  • New subtitle flicker luminance test, helping to ensure optimal local dimming behavior when luminance levels are adjusted quickly, such as when subtitles instantly appear and disappear in dark movie scenes, for example.

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