We have just witnessed the launch of the brand new iPads Pro e Air, which arrived with a series of significant innovations and updates. We already know that in Brazil, products that feature a bitten apple on the back are inherently expensive. But have you ever wondered how much these technological beauties cost when we decide to configure them with all the available options at their maximum? That’s what we’re going to answer now!

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Maximum price of the 13-inch iPad Pro

Max iPad Pro configuration of 13" (M4)

To begin our analysis, let’s talk about the 13-inch iPad Pro. This top of the line tablet from Apple has a starting price here in Brazil of R$15.900. However, when we chose to increase it with 2TB of storage, Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity, in addition to incorporating the exclusive glass nano-textureits value skyrockets to incredible R$36.197.

This amount has already calculated the addition of the Apple Pencil (with USB-C connection), as, unfortunately, we are still waiting for the arrival of the brand new Apple Pencil Pro in national territory, something that will certainly raise the level of sophistication of this device even further. It also includes the Magic Keyboard, which transforms your tablet experience, bringing it closer to the experience of using a notebook.

But does not stop there! If you want an extended warranty, the AppleCare Protection Plan adds another R$400 to the total cost. With this extra service the final value reaches the R$36.596.

If we are talking about other markets, such as the USA or Portugal, we must also consider substantial values: the maximum value in the United States reaches US$3,077, while the Portuguese need to pay up to €3,717 to obtain such a configuration, and in these countries, it is worth To highlight, the Apple Pencil Pro is already included in the package.

Maximum price of the 11-inch iPad Pro

Max iPad Pro configuration of 11" (M4)Max iPad Pro configuration of 11" (M4)

Shifting the focus to the 11-inch iPad Proalso available in Brazil, its starting price is R$12.300. Adding all the maximum features available, as well as the Apple Pencil (USB-C) and the new Magic Keyboard, the value jumps to R$32.097. Opting for the AppleCare Protection Plan for greater security, the final price is R$32.496.

Looking at the prices charged in the USA and Portugal for this specific model, we find respectively the maximum values ​​of US$2,598 and €3,317, including the precious Apple Pencil Pro.

Maximum iPad Air prices

Max iPad Air configuration of 11" (M2)Max iPad Air configuration of 11" (M2)

But we cannot fail to mention the sixth generation iPad Air, which also has sky-high prices. The entry-level model, with 11 inches, starts to be sold from R$7 milbut can reach the amount of R$18.797 in its strongest configuration. The 13-inch model starts selling for R$9.500reaching up to R$21.797 in the most complete configuration.

Adding the AppleCare Protection Plan to the account, which costs R$400, we will have the final prices for R$19.197 for the 11-inch model and R$22.197 for the 13 inch.

Taking a look at international markets for the same iPad Air, the maximum price for the 11-inch version in the USA is US$1,677 and on Portuguese soil it is €2,027; for the 13-inch model, we’re talking US$1,927 and €2,327. All of them, it is worth emphasizing, come with the modern Apple Pencil Pro.

Really, these are values ​​that can scare anyone (except the mega rich). And you? Do you think it’s worth investing that kind of money in an iPad? Or is the solution just to settle for an Android tablet or travel abroad to buy one?

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/novo-ipad-pro-custa-mais-36-mil.html

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