For some years now, some brands have invested in docks that allow video cards to be connected externally. Solution that allows, for example, to expand the graphics performance of a notebook, as the notebook could take advantage of the graphics power of the VGA installed in the dock.

The Chinese Metaphuni e Gzosmeta joined forces to develop the dock EG01C that supports the standard OcuLink, guaranteeing bandwidth of 64 GB/s. The dock also includes a power supply.

A 550W model, with 80 Plus Gold or Platinum certification. This font is of the type CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply)used in servers and data storage systems.

The EG01C measures 23x9x75 cm and weighs 2.08 kg. On the official product page You can check the list of devices supported by the dock.

Price and availability

The dock is now available on the international market for the promotional price of 649 RMB (US$90). Subsequently, the product will be priced at 899 RMB (US$125).


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