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New rumors about Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs indicate that the generation will have six different SKUs at launch – with others being released as they produce new versions of their processors.

The information was released by the leaker “One Raichu“, which also points out that the new nomenclature used does not reveal much of its specifications – however, it must follow certain standards in relation to the company’s most current lines.


Check out the six versions of Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs, including “K” and “non-K” processors:

  • Core Ultra 285K (sucessor do Intel Core i9-14900K);
  • Core Ultra 265K (sucessor do Intel Core i7-14700K);
  • Core Ultra 245K (sucessor do Intel Core i5-14600K);
  • Core Ultra 9 275;
  • Core Ultra 7 255;
  • Core Ultra 5 240
Intel Core Ultra 200V Lunar LakeIntel Core Ultra 200V Lunar Lake

Intel has not stated whether it will actually change the naming of its Arrow Lake-S chips, but the latest leaks indicate that they will indeed use a new convention and segmentation for their upcoming releases. The announcement is expected to take place at Pat Gelsinger’s presentation at Computex 2024.

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Expectations for Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs

With the launch scheduled for this year 2024, the Intel Core Ultra 200 processors still have many details kept confidential by the manufacturer itself. It is known that they will use the LGA-1851 socket and introduce 800 line motherboards to the market, as well as being compatible only with DDR5 memories.

It is believed that the 285K model should be the flagship of the new CPUs, with 24 cores and 24 threads. The 265K will be its second best chip, with possibly 20 cores – while the Intel Core Ultra 5 245K may contain 14 cores.

Intel Core Ultra 5 115U núcleosIntel Core Ultra 5 115U núcleos

It is worth noting that these configurations can only be achieved if Intel uses an 8+16 die configuration for the Core Ultra 9 and Core Ultra 7 SKUs. The Core Ultra 5 may have a 6+8 die – which must be the same one used for “non-K” Intel Core Ultra 200.


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