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Focusing on new technologies, the series AMD’s Strix Point mobile APUs arrive in 2024, something that the company itself confirmed in its most recent tax report. The new generation of notebook chips is already in the hands of partners and will hit the market in the second half of the year.

The Strix Point series will arrive equipped with AMD’s new technologies: Zen 5 cores, RDNA 3+ integrated graphics that, according to rumors, promise to deliver performance similar to dedicated entry/mid-range GPUs, depending on the configuration, in addition to XDNA 2 NPUs offering great performance for AI.

AMD RyzenAMD Ryzen

“The AI ​​PC products, when we look at the Strix products, they really are well suited to the premium segment of the market […] And then going into 2025, you’ll see more in the rest of the portfolio,” said Lisa Su, CEO of AMD.

AMD Strix Point – specifications

As revealed by the company in March, the XDNA 2 architecture will guarantee 3 times more performance than the Ryzen 7040 APUs with the first generation XDNA. The current generation Hawk Point (Ryzen 8040) offers up to 16 TOPs of performance with AI.

So we imagine that Strix Point APUs will deliver up to 48 TOPs. A recent leak even said that these NPUs would deliver up to 50 TOPs of performance.

According to NVIDIA, even with all this increase in performance for AI with mobile chips, including also by Intel and Qualcomm, its RTX GPUs deliver considerably more performance in this type of workload, with entry-level SKUs such as the RTX 2050 delivering more TOPs than the best current NPU.

Leaving AI and going to iGPUs, according to leaks, depending on the configuration, the RDNA 3+ integrated graphics can deliver performance similar to the RTX 3050 Max-Q, reaching the RTX 4070 Max-Q at 90w with the Strix Point Halo series, series higher than what we are dealing with here.

It is not yet clear whether the AMD Strix Point SKUs will launch alongside the Halo enthusiast series. In any case, the next generation promises an increase in performance in all areas that is considerably better than what we already have today with the Hawk Point (Ryzen 8040), which is already a good series.

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