It seems too good to be true, but a user on Reddit reported what would be a reason for complete happiness for many. In his post, he says he found a PC case next to some trash containers.

To his surprise, the parts he found there were better than the PC he had, with the exception of the video card. He decided to take the computer home and test if the machine could be used in any way.

“I found it next to some trash cans with a keyboard, a printer and some monitors.”, says the user. At first, the PC did not start, but after a good cleaning it was able to access the BIOS. The machine components that were in the trash are as follows:

  • MSI z390 A Pro motherboard;
  • Processador Core i9-9900K;
  • RTX 2070 graphics card;
  • 16 GB de RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro 40000 MHz;
  • 850W power supply (80 Plus Platinum).

The machine was without any storage drive, which indicates that it had already been removed, or was used on another machine by the person who threw that PC in the trash.

The post received numerous comments. Some people highlighted how lucky it was to find this. Others saying this was clearly done by a parent who threw out deceit, with no idea how much a setup like this costs. Well, it’s impossible to know the origin of this machine. However, as one person commented on the post: some people’s trash can be others’ treasure.

Have you ever found something in the trash that you were able to reuse? Comment below.


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