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Within its financial report, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch console reached 141.32 million units sold by March 31, 2024. There were 15.7 million sales in the last fiscal year – representing a drop of 12.6% compared to to the previous year.

According to the manufacturer, during this period 123 million active users were registered within the platform – the highest number of players that has been reached since the launch of the Switch in 2017.

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Nintendo Switch 2 will have a 1080p screen and full backwards compatibility [RUMOR]Nintendo Switch 2 will have a 1080p screen and full backwards compatibility [RUMOR]

Nintendo estimates that the Nintendo Switch will sell another 13.5 million units by March 2025. This would mean an amount of 154.82 million, surpassing sales of the Nintendo DS and becoming the second best-selling video game in history.

Still, it would be behind the PlayStation 2 – which officially has 155 million units sold across the planet. It is possible that its brand will be outdated, even with the arrival of a successor to the Nintendo Switch, but these are just market estimates.

Nintendo Switch 2 must have controls with magnetic attachment [RUMOR]Nintendo Switch 2 must have controls with magnetic attachment [RUMOR]
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Message about Nintendo Switch sales

Nintendo recognizes that sales of Nintendo Switch units have fallen, but say they will work with a focus on maintaining public engagement.

The Nintendo Switch is entering its eighth year since its launch, and while it will be challenging to sustain the sales momentum seen before, we will work to maintain high user engagement on the hardware and reinvigorate the platform – so more consumers continue to play Nintendo Switch longer

Paper Mario novo trailerPaper Mario novo trailer

The successor is on the way, but he will maintain strength

Nintendo has already reinforced that the announcement of the successor to the Nintendo Switch will take place this fiscal year, but that the platform will still receive new titles to strengthen its sales.

According to the corporation, there will be a Nintendo Direct in June, which will be responsible for presenting the games that the platform will receive in the second half of 2024. While we have Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door coming to the video game, there is also the promise of Metroid Prime 4 – which continues to this day without any news.

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