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The first details of the Intel Z890 motherboards are beginning to be leaked and, surprisingly, one of them points out that they will use the Thunderbolt 4 connection – instead of the fifth generation, announced by the manufacturer in the second half of 2023.

The information came from the leaker “Golden Pig Upgrade“, who revealed that the hardware line will use this connection as standard at its launch.

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It is important to mention that Thunderbolt 4 is not a very far leap from 3, considering that GPUs using this version are limited to using 40 Gbps of bandwidth. Intel Z890 motherboards were expected to use Thunderbolt 5, which promises to use 120 Gbps of bandwidth for any device – including SSDs.

Another relevant aspect is that using it as standard does not exclude that some versions may have a Thunderbolt 5 connection. However, obviously this will not come without changes to its suggested price – without the difference being known, it is difficult to discuss whether it will be a predatory addition or whether it will fit into consumers’ pockets.

Even though Intel Z890 motherboards use Thunderbolt 4, the manufacturer has previously revealed that it is working on a Thunderbolt 5 controller – called the “Barlow Bridge”. It’s being produced with Arrow Lake-S (Intel Core Ultra 200) CPUs in mind, so it shouldn’t be long before more information emerges.

Intel Core Ultra 200 2024Intel Core Ultra 200 2024

Intel Z890 and Core Ultra 200 motherboards

In addition to the data about the standard that will be used by Intel Z890 motherboards, the leaker also revealed some data about the Intel Core Ultra 200 processor line in his leak as well. He points out that the desktop version will feature GT1 graphics and will have 4 Xe-Cores.

As you can see, this is half the number of Xe-Cores seen in common CPUs of the “Meteor Lake” generation (Ultra Core 100) and only some low power consumption models reach these specifications. It is possible that this is the case, but we will only know when the line is officially announced and its data presented.

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