Backlit Tux Keyboard

Backlit Tux Keyboard

Tux lighting the way

Work or play any time of day or night with laser-etched backlit keys bright enough to let you type in the dark.

Slim and versatile

The thin profile will keep things looking sleek on your desk.

There is great joy to be had when your co-workers notice the significant penguin indicating your computer is better than mainstream, better in every way.

* Blue LED illumination with on/off button
* Comfortable design
* USB interface
* Spill resistant
* Number pad for ease of data entry
* Optimal key placement
* Special keys;
* Web browser keys
* Application keys
* Multimedia keys
* System keys
* Illuminated keyboard

Every stroke you make is comfortable, fluid, and whisper-quiet with the design of the ZaReason Tux keyboard.

Order with the "Intelligence, Freedom, Strength" mousepad and get the pad half price!

Price: $ 39

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jeff Hanson
    Nifty but does not use mechanical keyswitches. The codes on the box imply the OEM has multiple backlight colors available in addition to this blue model.
  • Author: Fred
    I just spent the weekend troubleshooting my network, only to find out that the installers at Zareason chose not to disable the ipv6 (network.dns.disableIPv6=true) in Iceweasel as wells as the disabling ipv6 in the kernel. It's disheartening to say the least, to have a 5yr old Acer laptop with 2 gigs of ram, running XP SP3, out perform your brand new Ultra Laptop 430, that has 8 gigs of ram and a faster processor, with respect to web browsing. I little post install testing would go a long way to improve customer satisfaction.
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