Ubuntu Keyboard

Ubuntu Keyboard
Ubuntu key
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Driver-free hot key support includes "Play/Pause", "Calculator", "Email", "Internet", "Volume Down", "Volume Up", and "Mute" keys.
  • Spill resistant design enables the keyboard to withstand minor accidents.
  • Highly polished side panels, silver-accented hot key buttons, overall sleek design.
  • Durability from a trusted name. Built off the Logitech Internet 350 USB Keyboard.
  • Two Ubuntu keys, on each side of the Alt key give symmetry.
  • Keyboard comes with matching mouse.
On your desk at work, the wired Ubuntu keyboard makes a subtle statement about your attention to quality.

At home, the wireless Ubuntu keyboard makes a rockn' keyboard for the media buff. Sitting back and relaxing with easy access to an ultra sturdy Ubuntu keyboard = the win. Wireless mouse has its own recharge stand.

Price: $ 79
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