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Zotac is yet another manufacturer to reveal its RTX 4070 Ti Super early. Like MSI’s model, the card uses an AD102 GPU instead of the AD103. It’s the same chip used in the RTX 4090, but with most of its cores disabled, obviously.

The full version of the RTX 4090 has 18,432 CUDA cores, while the RTX 4070 Ti Super will offer 8,448 functional cores. For the end consumer, in terms of performance, the use of the AD102 should not make a big difference – apart from the 10W impact on the TDP. The total is 295W.

Front view of Zotac's new cards.
Source: Zotac

The practice is common across different generations of GPUs, to take advantage of chips that do not reach the standards required for a top-of-the-line card, but which still offer more performance than those in lower segments.

Profile picture helps illustrate board size.
Source: Zotac

Zotac also showed off two models of the RTX 4070 Ti Super SOLID – one OC and one not. Both use the AD102-225, and the difference is just 30MHz in the boost clock. The standard model comes in at 2610MHz, while the OC version goes to 2640MHz.

RTX 4070 Ti Super SOLID connections.
Source: Zotac

One thing the card has in common with the more powerful RTX cards is its large size. Zotac’s Super SOLID line will feature a 3.5-slot design, measuring 13.6 inches in length.

RTX 4070 Ti Super will be sold globally

This type of custom card is often restricted to the Chinese market, but VideoCardz has confirmation that we will see Zotac models in the US. The arrival in the North American country already facilitates access to the Western market, and the RTX 4070 Ti Super SOLID appeared on the manufacturer’s global website as well.

The site highlights the curious fact that Nvidia has not yet officially spoken about this type of graphics card. Both MSI and Zotac have already openly presented their “non-4090” RTXs using AD102, but the GPU manufacturer does not directly mention these models. It is possible that the cards will hit stores without an official mention from Nvidia.

Unfortunately, Zotac has yet to announce pricing for its new products.

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