A LG launched the monitor in Brazil UltraGear OLED, option with 27 inches and QHD resolution (2560 x 1440). “Produced on Brazilian soil, the product is the new ally of the most demanding players to overcome any challenge in their gameplay with the impressive response rate of just 0.03ms (GtG)“, says the company in a note.

Based on an OLED panel, the monitor meets the DisplayHDR 400 True black standard and 1.5M contrast ratio. “Another highlight of UltraGear OLED is the brightness of 275 nits in standard use and which can reach peaks of up to 1000 nits and the high color fidelity in the DCI-P3 standard with fidelity of 98.5% (Typ) ensuring a vivid and immersive gaming experience even in the extreme corners of game maps.adds LG.

The refresh rate is 240 Hz, and there is compatibility with NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro adaptive sync technologies. These technologies make gameplay more fluid, working to eliminate “frame tears” resulting from the mismatch between the graphics card’s processing and the monitor’s fixed refresh rate.

As for the look, the UltraGear features new hexagonal lighting and a borderless design. The adjustable base supports swivel, tilt and height, thus providing more comfort during use. The launch also features an HDMI input, remote control to turn on, turn off, adjust the sound, change modes and adjust other features. The user can also voice chat while playing, easily connecting with the 4-pole headphone output.

For Leonardo Almeida, senior IT and B2B manager at LG Brazil, the launch will be a big hit with Brazilian gamers. “LG’s UltraGear line of monitors has been widely recognized and is a benchmark for high-quality gaming. The launch of our 27-inch OLED gaming monitor reinforces our commitment to providing the best gaming experience for the most demanding gamers.”highlights Almeida.

Price and availability

The LG UltraGear OLED has a suggested price of R$5,499 on PIX and during the period from July 8 to August 8, 2024, it will offer on its website to interested parties the exclusive MNTOLED10 coupon for a 10% discount on the purchase of the product.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/lg-lanca-no-brasil-o-monitor-ultragear-oled.html

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