During the Build 2024 event, Microsoft announced a new feature that promises to make life even easier for users of the Windows 11.

The operating system, which already offered integrated support for manipulating ZIP and RAR files directly through File Explorer, now expands its native capabilities. The 7z and TAR formats, widely used for data compression due to their efficiency and robust compression, will also be supported without the need for additional software.

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Native support for TAR and 7z

Initially introduced in preview version KB5031455, which was made available to users participating in the Windows Insider program, this functionality will be extended to all Windows 11 users soon. This is certainly a welcome change, as it simplifies the compression and decompression process for many file types.

With this update, the task of managing TAR.GZ and 7z files becomes an extremely simple and straightforward process. A simple right-click and the relevant options will be visible in the File Explorer context menu.

Furthermore, the integration of these functionalities saves not only time, but also disk space (however small), as it eliminates the need to dedicate storage to multiple third-party programs developed specifically for this purpose. Windows 11 File Explorer is now equipped to handle a wide range of compressed file formats, such as:

  • RAR
  • 7z
  • TAR
  • TAR.GZ
  • TAR.BZ2
  • TAR.XZ
  • TGZ
  • TBZ2
  • TZST
  • TXZ
  • ZIP

Other news announced by Microsoft

During Microsoft Build, in addition to focusing on this optimization of File Explorer, other new features were highlighted. One of them was the implementation of new version control and integration with version control systems, such as Git, directly in File Explorer. This feature offers significant advantages to developers, allowing them to view changes, history and comments without leaving the application environment.

The event also made a point of highlighting advances in artificial intelligence, such as an AI capable of interpreting complex graphs and tables, as well as the revelation of the Team Copilot tool. Another highlight was the instant video translation using the Microsoft Edge browser, showing the company’s commitment to breaking down language barriers and connecting people around the world effectively and in real time. Neither the good old Ctrl+V escaped artificial intelligence.

These newly announced updates and features are a clear indication of Microsoft’s continued effort to provide a more cohesive, accessible, and adaptable platform to the needs of its users around the world.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/windows-agora-compacta-arquivos-nativamente-em-7z.html

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