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Although this was already “understood”, AMD made it official that the focus of its presentation at Computex 2024 will be the next generation of processors. It is certain that Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of the corporation, will show more details about the Zen 5 architecture and also about the XDNA AI accelerators.

The confirmation came from AMD itself, which updated its website with a message revealing the content they will focus on at the event. Check out the full message below:

Join us as Dr. Lisa Su opens Computex 2024 and shares the latest on how AMD and our partners are excelling with our next generation of high-performance computers, data centers and artificial intelligence solutions


AMD’s participation in Computex 2024

It is important to mention that, as Dr. Lisa Su was invited to open Computex 2024, all eyes in the industry will be on announcements from AMD and its new technologies.

Expectations and rumors point to the new generation of “Granite Ridge” desktop CPUs (possibly AMD Ryzen 9000) and also the “Ryzen AI 100” (Strix Point) line processors – with a change in their naming standards to suit better than what Intel is already producing with its Core Ultra.

AMD Zen 5

Both lines of processors will be produced in the Zen 5 architecture and are scheduled to be launched in 2024. Despite “technically” confirming that they will be presented at the event, it is important to mention that plans and names may change by the time of release. its official release.

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No one wants to be left behind

Although AMD may make its announcements before everyone else, this does not mean that NVIDIA and Intel will be left behind at Computex 2024.

Both corporations have already announced that they will make a presentation at the event in early June and guarantee that they have a lot to show the public. Regarding NVIDIA, they are expected to talk about their projects with artificial intelligence and – if we are lucky – we may also see something about the GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell” GPUs.

Intel promises more details about its Lunar Lake processors (Intel Core Ultra 200), Arrow Lake and its upcoming products in the Xeon and Gaudi line.

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