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NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, stated that they have a partnership with Dell to produce servers capable of working alongside the new Blackwell GPUs – in order, obviously, to further boost projects with artificial intelligence.

According to Huang himself to Bloomberg, these “AI factories” that will be produced together will feature several processors, professional boards, switches and other components that will help other companies have complete access to the hardware package that allows them to run technology models and environments. .

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He also states that NVIDIA and Dell will provide everything to other corporations, hailing the manufacturer’s pioneering spirit in the past and revealing that they are once again thinking ahead of the market.

I’m here to announce this Dell AI factory with NVIDIA, which is coming to market starting today. In relation to this, think about what an AI factory is. It has CPUs and GPUs. It has network switches. Incredible amounts of software on systems connected to storage and many miles of cables required to maintain something like this. You know, Michael (Dell) made things a lot simpler. That said, as Dell did in the early days of PCs, it is doing the same with AI factories.

Jensen Huang


The partnership between NVIDIA and Dell was created so that others can use the full potential of artificial intelligence seen today – simply by contacting them to start taking advantage of this emerging technology.

So any company can contact Dell with the specifications and requirements they can imagine – and this is the big idea – producing artificial intelligence at scale.

Jensen Huang


The Dell and NVIDIA AI Factory

According to Dell and NVIDIA, they will have a complete system of hardware and software from the most reputable companies on the market. The network products are being installed by Broadcom, the PCs have Snapdragon CPUs from Qualcomm and run software from Microsoft and Meta – such as Azure and Llama 3.

In terms of hardware, in the AI ​​factories we have the PowerEdge XE9680L server with eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs with liquid cooling. And Dell claims this is just the beginning, as they are working on future versions of the server that will be able to support up to 72 GPUs in a single rack.


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