After the wave of releases that brought incredible titles like Ghost of Tsushima e God of War: Ragnarok for the reach of PC gamers, everything indicates that another great PlayStation-exclusive masterpiece is on its way to PC gamers.

I’m talking about The Last of Us: Parte 2the renowned title of Sony which may be about to get its computer version. The buzz about this port has been growing, fueled by various clues and speculations.

The PC port has been ready since November

According to information leaked by leaker billbil-kun, it is possible that the adaptation work of The Last of Us: Parte 2 for the PC platform has been in progress for a long time, specifically since 2021. In other words, just a year after the game was released on PS4. The leaker goes further by mentioning that the Development of this long-awaited port was completed in November 2023.

The question that remains is: “Why wait so long to release this version?” The explanation given by the leaker points to a strategy by developer Naughty Dog. This wait for the right moment could be linked to the intention of aligning the game’s launch with the start of a new season of the HBO series based on the franchise.

This tactic would not be unprecedented since something similar was done previously when The Last of Us: Parte 1 its PC port was made available simultaneously with the series’ period of high popularity, specifically in March 2023.

Launch should only take place in 2025

Considering that the new season of The Last of Us on HBO should arrive in 2025, we can think that PC players might wait until next year to play this adventure. But it is important to say that this information comes from assumptions and rumors on the internet. Even so, it’s clear that billbil-kun gets a lot right in his leaks, which makes us trust what he says more.

It is noticeable that Sony has a growing interest in expanding its horizons, opening the PC doors to some of its greatest gems. The list already includes successes such as the first The Last of Usthe two titles in the Horizon series, God of Warit is clear, Ghost of Tsushima. And now, PC gamers can get ready to receive it too God of War Ragnarok in September, after much speculation from fans.

Returning to TLOU, depicting the events that took place five years after the original game, The Last of Us: Parte 2 was released in 2020 for PS4 and chronicles Ellie’s journey, driven by a deep desire for revenge resulting from a tragic loss caused by a mysterious group. This game not only garnered massively positive reviews but also won the coveted Game of the Year awardconsolidating itself as a masterpiece in the gaming industry.


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