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Manufacturer Jumper Tech took its mini PC inspired by the Tesla CyberTruck format to Computex 2024, bringing a somewhat “unusual” design to the event.

The futuristic model has all its connections at the rear – where the components apparently have more space. Furthermore, all four doors can be opened by users and one of them functions as the on/off button.

Another aspect that draws attention to the Tesla CyberTruck mini PC is that the front and rear headlights also light up – although there is no mention of whether this is just a design feature or if there is some use, such as indicating computer activity or storage status.

Photo: Domenico Lamberti

Despite officially revealing the model at Computex 2024, it is notable that Jumper Tech did not disclose any specifications of its mini PC – nor is there any information about its suggested price, market availability or any other relevant data.

Due to the lack of information from its manufacturer, it is possible that the Tesla CyberTruck mini PC was brought to the event just as a “curious design” and not as the presentation of a new product that will be made available on the market – which is common to see in tech events of this kind.

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The concept of the Tesla CyberTruck Mini PC

As we stated above, all connections and components of the Tesla CyberTruck mini PC are on its back. There users can find the power connector, a USB-A port, two USB-C ports and just one HDMI output – without specifications about what image support it brings.

It is also possible that the model was created to attract the attention of businessman Elon Musk – who, by the way, would be one of the people who would pay to have one of these in his office or bookshelf in his mansion.

Elon Musk / Elon Musk YouTube
Reproduction/YouTube/Real Time with Bill Maher

One aspect that is important to mention is that Jumper Tech is a Chinese company that does not have such an extensive catalog of mini PCs, with the Tesla CyberTruck being one of the models created by them that stands out the most from the others it sells.

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