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During Display Week 2024, TCL is demonstrating a display with 4K resolution and an impressive 1000 Hz refresh rate – which will be used in the production of the manufacturer’s future gaming monitors.

The news was revealed by “Blur Busters” inside the corporation’s conference in California. It is important to note that, although the panel is actually on display, there is no official information about it – as the company has not commented on its specifications or how it will use this technology.

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TCL CSOT is not the only one to achieve this capability, as others have already demonstrated similar results with their technology. NVIDIA, for example, claims to have achieved 1000 Hz with Ultra Low Motion Blur 2 (ULMB 2) – however, this result was achieved via software. At hardware levels, no manufacturer had demonstrated anything like this.

With the standard being introduced by the corporation, it shouldn’t be long before we see others following the same path. Although details are lacking and little has been said about the new display, it is expected that they will reveal more information on how it will be applied to gaming monitors and perhaps even a forecast of its availability.


TCL still keeps details confidential

In the only announcement it made regarding the event, TCL CSOT only confirmed that a 4K resolution display and 1000 Hz refresh rate would be demonstrated. Furthermore, they also ensured that more than 40 innovative technologies could be seen.

At SID Display Week 2024, TCL SCOT will demonstrate a range of advanced display technologies under the theme “For a better life, for a better future”. This year, we will present 40 innovative display technologies targeting sustainability, health and connectivity


In the announcement, TCL also discusses which panel technologies they are working on – in addition to the 4K and 1000 Hz display, obviously.

Our booth is organized into ten technology areas, including HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, FMM OLED and IJP OLED, each highlighting the latest advancements. Attendees can explore products such as the 85” UD w-HVA Pro, the planet’s first 7.85″ Tandem Trifold Screen and 14″ 2.8K Inkjet Printing Hybrid OLED Display.


As well as the new panel, they reveal other technologies that could be seen for the first time during Display Week 2024.

Other highlights include the CR 4000:1 HFS monitor, the 16-inch display with higher 8K resolution for notebooks and the Ln-Oxide 14” MUX 1:3 Display. We will also show the 7.85″ Under Screen Face Auth Display, the first 57″ 6.9mm Thickness MLED monitor and the first 4K monitor with the highest refresh rate of 1000 Hz


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