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The importance of Taiwan and TSMC to the semiconductor industry is common news. Now, a market research company in the country has revealed an estimate that says the country should maintain its leadership in this industry until mid-2032.

Even though it will still be one of the largest for the next 8 years, Taiwan, which has TSMC as the largest company in the field, should begin to lose space to other companies and the country to other territories.

The survey shows that the country must reduce its production with processes of more than 28nm and between 10-22 nm by 5 and 11%, respectively. Remembering that these are nodes that have been increasingly left behind and being replaced by more current processes below 10 nm.

taiwan tsmc semiconductor survey
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It is worth mentioning that this forecast says that the USA should grow from the current zero and reach 28% of the world’s share in semiconductor manufacturing below 10 nm, one of the biggest responsible for taking part of the country’s share and TSMC in this aspect.

In 2022, Taiwan was responsible for 69% of semiconductor manufacturing in less than 10 nm, this number is expected to fall to 47% by 2032, as the manufacturer will focus even more on more optimized processes by then.

Taiwan lacks strength in memory manufacturing

In relation to DRAM memories, South Korea should maintain its lead, which was 52% and will increase to 57% in 8 years, following forecasts. Taiwan is expected to fall 3% in a decade, reaching 17%, still above the 13% estimated for China in this segment.

South Korea is also a leader in NAND memory manufacturing along with Japan, both with 30% in 2022, with China following closely behind with 26%. For 2032, the South Korean country is expected to grow 12%, while Japan is expected to grow 2% and China is expected to fall 9%.

tsmc taiwan

When it comes to sensor manufacturing, Taiwan’s share is negligible (5% in 2022) and is expected to fall by 1% by 2032. This market is well divided between China and Japan, which lead with 25%, in addition to Europe ( 17%) and the USA (14%). Of these largest, only Japan is expected to register a decline in 8 years.

When we talk about the manufacturing of all this as a whole, China still maintains the lead with its factories, but is expected to fall 3% by 2032. Taiwan is close behind with 18% and is expected to fall 1%, losing space to South Korea in less than a decade. Of all the territories analyzed as a whole, the USA has suggested growth of 4%, the highest among them.

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