A Microsoft removed from its support page a guide that taught how to migrate from a local account to a Microsoft account, which requires email.

The removal may be related to the company’s new strategy of making the use of an email mandatory to use the system. The company has not officially commented on this, and a copy of the website, before removal, can be viewed thanks to a backup on the Internet Archive. In the Portuguese version of the support page, the step by step can still be accessed. Until then, the change only happened in the English version of the page, observed by vehicles such as Tom’s Hardware.

The company says on its website that it recommends using a Microsoft account, not a local account, when logging into Windows. “Using a Microsoft account on Windows enables seamless integration of Microsoft services, improved security, and synchronization across devices, unlike a local account.”

Using local accounts is still valid

Despite the absence of a step-by-step guide, the migration to local accounts remains active in the system. However, the company may be projecting a future that is fully integrated with its accounts and services, keeping users in its ecosystem based on services such as OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Game Pass and CoPilot.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/microsoft-tornara-obrigatorio-login-com-conta-de-e-mail-no-windows.html

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