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A few years ago, Microsoft intended to produce an Xbox console that could play games via the cloud – with the project’s codename being “Keystone”. Despite being cancelled, a prototype of it has already appeared on Phil Spencer’s shelf and raised many questions.

Windows Central found one of the patents, which explains a little more about what it would offer to the general public if it were released. Physically, it looked like a miniature Xbox Series S, a little white “box” that would allow users to access the titles available on Xbox Cloud Gaming.


The patent for the Xbox “Keystone” console is signed by Chris Kujawski, the same designer who worked on the format we see in the current Xbox Series. Dating from 2022, the project had an HDMI port, an Ethernet and a power connector on its back. On the front, there would be the “X” button, the button to pair control and a USB-A port.

In its lower part, Microsoft would include a circular support written “Hello from Seattle” (“Hello from Seattle”, in literal translation) – similar to what is seen in Xbox Series X video games.

Xbox Series X FSR 3

According to the design presented, the air outlet of the Xbox “Keystone” console would also be on its rear, next to the video and power connections. Despite this, it was not revealed whether it would use the same solution as the Xbox Series S/X or if it would bring another cooling option.

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O fim do console Xbox “Keystone”

The initial proposal was for the Xbox “Keystone” console to be launched with a suggested price of $100, but Microsoft was unable to establish the costs to maintain its sales value at this average and the project ended up being canceled later.

In 2022, Phil Spencer officially commented on the prototype, revealing that they would have a new focus – which would not involve new hardware for this proposal.

It was more expensive than we wanted it to be when we built it with the components it came with. We decided to focus our team’s efforts on delivering a streaming app for smart TVs

Phil Spencer

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Even without a new Xbox console, made just to run cloud games, Microsoft launched an app in the same year of 2022 for Samsung TVs and monitors – allowing users to access Xbox Cloud Gaming with support for 1080p resolution and 60 FPS.

Fonte: The Verge

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