In recent weeks, the web has been taken over by rumors about the next generation Xbox. Speculations are circulating Microsoft’s new portable console to compete with the ROG Ally from ASUS eo Legion Go from Lenovo.

Recently, Mat Piscatella, a renowned gaming industry analyst, suggested that the Xbox could delete games on physical media on next generationfavoring the digital format.

Microsoft has already started the transition

It’s worth noting that Xbox has been a pioneer in the transition to digital. Notable titles like Hellblade II have not made it to physical shelves. Additionally, major retailers appear to be pulling Xbox games from their inventory as it’s increasingly difficult to find physical games available for purchase.

In January, layoffs at Xbox indicated the possible end of the teams responsible for physical editions.

“Microsoft has also closed departments dedicated to bringing Xbox games to physical retail… and in case you’ve seen the leaks of a digital-only Xbox console… well, you have an idea of ​​where Microsoft is going here,” he said Jez Corden do Windows Central.

In a post on X/Twitter, Piscatella predicted the imminent end of physical Xbox releases. He also projected that the Sony it’s at Nintendo would follow this trend after another one or two generations of consoles, respectively.

“People should probably get used to it (no physical versions of Xbox games) across the market sooner or later. Yes, give it to [PlayStation] another generation, Nintendo plus 2.”

Although not confirmed, it is clear that Microsoft is moving towards digital, as shown by the Xbox Series S without a disc player and the recent announcement of the digital edition of the Xbox Series X. The question remains: would the extinction of physical games be harmful to consumers?

What is your opinion?

And here I will ask permission to express my opinion. I think physical media is increasingly dispensable. When sold on a large scale, the amount of natural resources — both in manufacturing and shipping — consumed is enormous. I believe that the industry, in addition to the environmental factor, sees the “extinction” of physical media as a way to save money as well.

Of course, with that we would lose the tangibility of the thing. But a way out of this would be, in the case of games with a lot of appeal and success, to produce more beautiful and well-designed physical editions, with beautiful inserts and art and sell them at a higher price. So only those who are really big fans of the game or collectors would buy it.

Source: Wccftech


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