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Samsung’s HBM3E and HBM3 memory sales are under pressure, with both modules showing inefficiencies regarding heating and power consumption. “HBM” products have not passed NVIDIA’s qualification tests, indicating that their orders should be smaller or even non-existent until the situation normalizes.

Rumors about the matter were already circulating throughout the industry, but Reuters also confirmed that the development of these modules did not meet the expectations of Jensen Huang’s company – which is a major risk for the growth strategy of the South Korean company’s memory division.


NVIDIA’s disqualification could pose a problem not only for Samsung’s sale of HBM3 and HBM3E memory to it, but also for its other commercial partners – preventing mass adoption of the products.

Even though it has not passed NVIDIA’s quality tests, this does not mean that Samsung’s process is flawed – it is worth considering that the South Korean company supplies all of AMD’s orders for HBM3 memory for its Instinct MI300X accelerator.

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Samsung denies lack of quality

To Business Korea, Samsung denies that its HBM3E memory has failed quality tests, but points out that it is carrying out several tests together with commercial partners to optimize its performance and reliability.

We are smoothly conducting trials for the provision of HBM with several global partners. We have been making efforts to improve the quality and reinforce the reliability of all our products. We are rigorously testing the quality and performance of our HBM products to provide the best solutions to our consumers


Initially, rumors suggested that NVIDIA was disappointed with the performance of Samsung’s HBM3E memory, comparing it with what was established by SK Hynix – which also does not stand still and is increasingly advancing in this segment. It is important to note that both were in GTC 2024 and are “under review”.

In addition to looking for a commercial partner for GDDR7 – which will be one of the main differentiators of the GeForce RTX 50 “Blackwell”, HBM3E will also have a prominent role within artificial intelligence accelerators, one of NVIDIA’s main focuses at the moment.

Fonte: WCCFTECH, Tom’s Hardware

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