Online stores are constantly looking for strategies to reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase sales conversion. A Play Store is no different. Recently, a new feature promises to make the purchasing process even easier for those who do not have a payment method or prefer not to use it at that time.

O Google decided to implement a method that allows users to request that someone else pay for them. Like it was a gift, you know? In the next paragraphs I will explain this news better.

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How does the new feature work?

The mechanics are simple and intuitive. When selecting the desired app on the Play Store, you will be presented with the option “Ask someone else to pay” (“Ask someone else to pay”) and a button that generates a link to pay for the selected item. The next step is to share this link with the person who will make the payment, which can be done using a practical share button that appears right after creating the link.

To ensure transparency and security, the order recipient will have access to detailed information before completing the payment. They will be able to view the full email of the person who placed the order and will be clear about which product is being purchased, in addition to having the option to request a refund if they have any regrets after the purchase.

It is important to note that there is a time limit for the transaction to be carried out. The link generated is valid for 24 hours, establishing a deadline for completing the payment. If this period is exceeded without payment having been made, the link will lose its validity and it will be necessary to start the ordering process again, if the product is still of interest to the initial user.

It is also possible to make in-app purchases

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Google’s proposal with this new function is to create another practical way of offering applications as gifts or even facilitating the acquisition of an app by a friend or family member who, for some reason, cannot or prefers not to do so. payment directly.

Furthermore, the versatility of the button also extends to additional content available within the applications themselves, that is, in-app purchases. Users can use this option to purchase various digital items, such as virtual coins or accessories and special abilities for characters in mobile games, enriching their gaming experience.

For developers to be able to offer this new payment method in their applications, they must be using the latest version of Google Play Billing, the Play Store payments library. This ensures that apps are prepared to process these transactions and provide their users with all the benefits of this functionality.

Possible problems

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The first impression from the public and experts is positive regarding the third-party payment button. However, there are concerns about possible problems, such as the misuse of the tool to influence parents to purchase items under pressure from their children, something comparable to children’s behavior when faced with toys displayed in supermarkets.

For this and other reasons, the functionality is still in the testing phase. According to information released by Android Authoritythe first tests of the button will begin in India, but specific dates for launch in other countries, including Brazil, have not yet been announced.

It is worth mentioning that, in the Brazilian context, a similar alternative already exists. Since March, Play Store users in Brazil have been able to use the Pix as a payment option. With a QR Code or a code to copy and paste valid for three days, the process becomes simple: simply forward this information to the person who will complete the payment for the desired application.


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