In recent weeks, numerous rumors about the prestigious game series Resident Evil came to light. There is great speculation that Capcom is dedicating its efforts to developing the ninth title in the main franchise, which, according to rumors within the industry, could feature a vast open world map.

At the same time, there are rumors that we may be on the verge of receiving yet another remake of one of the classic games. The title of the moment may be not just one, but two titles: Resident Evil Zero e Resident Evil Code Veronica.

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Despite countless speculations and discussions on forums dedicated to games, it seems that moves are actually taking place towards producing new remakes. However, we must calm the enthusiasts: the emblematic first Resident Evil apparently Not on the waiting list for these new remakesat least for now, as information circulates.

Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica are already in development

Last Monday, the 27th, Dusk Golem, a source widely recognized for being frequently well-informed about the behind-the-scenes of the Resident Evil series, shared on his Twitter profile some very intriguing revelations about the future of the saga.

“A remake of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica is in development. I’ve spoken to many other sources behind the scenes about this, it’s something I’ve been hearing for about a year, and I think it would leak at any moment.”

In the same thread he clarified that Capcom is not currently working on a remake of the first Resident Evil using the acclaimed REengine.

“The RE:1 remake rumors are a joke, as far as I know the first game is not in any stage of development at the moment.”

Dusk Golem also took the opportunity to dispel other doubts that were in the air, stating categorically that a remake of Resident Evil 5, for now, is not part of Capcom’s immediate plans.

Rumors about Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil 9 could arrive in 2025 with an open world, says rumor |  Voxel

And regarding the highly anticipated next title, Resident Evil 9, he commented on a possible postponement, projecting its arrival on the market only for the end of 2025 or, who knows, a little later, with the arrival of the year 2026.

“First, I would like to dispel expectations of RE9 being announced this summer. I believe the rumors I’ve been hearing about the announcement of RE9 are correct.”

From his perspective, the long-awaited announcement may take longer than initially anticipated by the eager gaming community.

“RE9 has been postponed until the end of 2025/2026. If everything I’ve heard is correct, which I fully believe it is, and I know others have suggested that and I’m not the first to say that publicly.”

As is customary in these situations, it is always advisable to wait patiently for official confirmation of these rumors directly from the responsible sources. However, as an additional point of speculation, it is interesting to note that in the year 2026 the Resident Evil franchise will complete no less than 30 years of existence, which suggests that Capcom may be planning something truly grand to celebrate this milestone date.

Now I ask you: Which of the remakes are you most excited to play?

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