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NVIDIA is preparing to launch its next generation of graphics cards, the GeForce RTX 5090. It promises a significant leap in performance compared to the current RTX 4090. Based on the GB202 Blackwell chip, the card is expected to present advances in both processing capacity in terms of energy efficiency.

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The GB202 chip, which will power the GeForce RTX 5090, will feature up to 192 processing units (SMs), resulting in an impressive 24,567 CUDA cores. This increase compared to the RTX 4090, which has 128 cores per SM, should provide 50 to 70% greater performance in games, especially at 4K resolutions.

The RTX 5090 will come equipped with 32GB of GDDR7 memory, a considerable upgrade over previous generations. Samsung’s GDDR7 memory offers speeds of 28Gbps to 32Gbps, promising significantly higher bandwidth, essential for supporting 4K gaming requirements and beyond.

Photo: Disclosure/NVIDIA

NVIDIA improves energy performance

The RTX 5090’s new Blackwell architecture will bring notable improvements in ray tracing performance, with expected gains of up to 2-3x over the RTX 40 series. Additionally, the introduction of DLSS 4, an artificial intelligence-based upscaling technology, should further elevate image quality and overall performance.

Although the RTX 4090 can consume between 450W and 600W depending on the model and overclocking, the RTX 5090 promises to offer much greater performance per watt. This suggests NVIDIA’s focus on energy efficiency, providing users with a more powerful and cost-effective product.

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