Logitech announced this Monday (27) a new wireless headset option in Brazil with the launch of the new Zone 300.

The accessory comes as a great candidate to meet users’ needs in terms of audio and voice at different times, whether at leisure during games and conferences or even for work, guaranteeing sound quality and convenience.

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Logitech’s Zone 300 has noise reduction features

The Zone 300 headphones come equipped with dual microphones that feature noise reduction technology. An interesting detail is that the structure of the microphones extends a little further than usual to be at the same height as the user’s mouth, improving sound capture and ensuring that ambient noise does not interfere with communication.

A feature that can be advantageous both in leisure calls and, especially, during corporate conferences. The design reduces communication gaps, providing clear and uninterrupted dialogues.

“Be heard clearly with dual noise-cancelling microphones on the extended arm, both equipped with a custom algorithm to suppress background noise.”

The Zone 300’s internal sound drivers are designed to deliver “full listening,” allowing users to clearly hear everything that is said on the other end of the line. According to Logitech, this feature is essential to guarantee a high-quality listening experience, both in professional environments and in moments of entertainment.

Connectivity, range and battery power

Zone 300 da Logitech

Pairing the Zone 300 headphones is done using multipoint Bluetooth, a feature that allows you to quickly switch between different devices, such as computers and cell phones.

An interesting detail is that it offers a maximum range of 30 meters, which is very advantageous compared to many competitors, since headphones in this category generally have a maximum range of 10 meters. This increase in limit ensures that users can move freely without losing connection, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Another strong point of Logitech’s new headset is its battery, which offers up to 20 hours of music playback or 16 hours of talk time before needing to be recharged. It also has a quick recharge mode, which allows the user to get another hour of talk time with just five minutes plugged in, a great solution for when the battery runs out at an important moment, ensuring a quick and efficient solution to continue your activities. no long waiting periods.

The construction of the Zone 300 headphones incorporates 42% post-consumer recycled plastic, an initiative that helps reduce carbon emissions. The commitment to sustainability is reflected in the product design, which is available in graphite, white and pink. All models feature a headband and padded ear cushions, ensuring comfort during extended use.

Price and availability

The Logitech Bluetooth Zone 300 is now available for purchase at the Logitech Store and should reach major retailers in Brazil in the coming days. The suggested price for the headphones is R$479, a competitive price for a product that combines high sound quality, comfort and sustainability.

Zone 300 Specifications

Technical specifications

  • Type: microphones with spatial filtering and noise reduction algorithms.
  • Response frequency: 100-7KHz
  • Frequency response (music mode):: 50-20KHz
  • Frequency response (talk mode): 100-7KHz
  • Sensitivity: 96dB ±3dB @1kHz
  • Driver size: 30 mm
  • Audio Compliance: Compliance with EN 50332-2
  • Customize headset settings in Logi Tune

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/logitech-lanca-fones-de-ouvido-zone-300-no-brasil.html

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