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Mini PC manufacturer AOOSTAR revealed that AMD Ryzen Zen 5 “Strix Point” CPUs could hit the market for major commercial partners in August 2024 – becoming available to all others from October of this same year.

On its Discord channel, the company announced that its new product will have a next generation Ryzen processor and that it should be available for sale in October. Considering that AMD will launch its new CPUs at this time and make them available within this period, it is not surprising that they are talking about the “Strix Point” line.

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Following the industry’s timeline and modus-operandi, this sequence is nothing new. If the new processors with Zen 5 architecture are announced at Computex 2024, we will possibly see their arrival in August for large commercial partners and availability for smaller manufacturers around October.

Another important aspect to note is that new CPUs, such as AMD’s “Strix Point” line and Intel’s “Meteor Lake” line, tend to take a long time to arrive in mini PCs. Just look at the current Intel Core Ultra 100, which are arriving six months after its launch and are only now being equipped on models of its kind.

It is important to note that AOOSTAR is the same company that is claiming to work with the Radeon RX 7650M XT external GPU – which will be launched in July, according to information also presented on its Discord channel.

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Logo a AMD revela as CPUs Zen 5 “Strix Point”

Although AOOSTAR is the first company to disclose AMD’s plan for its next generation of “Strix Point” CPUs with Zen 5 architecture, the wait for official information will soon be over.

It is important to remember that AMD will be responsible for the opening ceremony of Computex 2024 – which takes place on June 3rd, next Monday. In other words, in less than a week they will bring all the data about your processors.

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The only thing that seems to be missing is deciding on the name of the CPUs “Strix Point”. The first to arrive based on the Zen 5 architecture have already had some changes made by AMD and the latest rumor states that its name will be “Ryzen AI 300“.

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