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Samsung has registered two SSDs that could be the company’s future Gen5 hardware when it comes to storage. Two trademarks were discovered: the 990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro SSDs. Unfortunately, there are no details on the specifications of the devices.

Samsung’s last SSD launch was the 990 Pro and the company is now investing in GPUs with a focus on AI, in addition to launching new Odyssey OLED monitors in Brazil. The 990 Pro is a Gen4 SSD and so far the South Korean manufacturer has not confirmed Gen5 products.

Records at KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service), however, show that Samsung registered the 990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro SSDs. Unfortunately, on the KIPRIS website there are no great details about the South Korean’s new hardware.

SSDs Evo Plus 990
CREDITS: Sammobile

990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro SSDs must be Gen5

While Samsung delayed manufacturing 2nm chips in the US and also faces a problem with HBM3E memories, the company continues to invest in other technology segments.

We know basically nothing about the 990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro SSDs, but usually the Evo and Evo Plus line tends to focus on cost-benefit. Therefore, we should expect good quality devices, focusing on the general public. The 9100 Pro should be a top-of-the-line solution.

Trademark on KIPRIS reveals 990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro SSDs, but does not detail device specifications

Samsung SSD 990 evo plus
CREDITS: Samsung

Samsung took a while before revealing the company’s Gen5 SSDs, which should be the 990 Evo Plus and 9100 Pro. For example, Gigabyte presented the AORUS 1400 SSD, a Gen5 SSD with a read speed of 14.5 GB/s. You records in KIPRIS do not provide any details about reading/writing speed of the devices, so we don’t know how the products will perform.

Within the next few months, Samsung should officially reveal the Evo Plus 990 and 9100 Pro SSDs. At that time, the company will detail the specifications and other hardware news. Let’s follow the topic to discover all the details of the South Korean manufacturer’s future SSDs.

Fonte: Wccftech, Tom’s Hardware

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