Although GTA Trilogy was mired in criticism during its release on computers and consoles, the franchise’s classic games are enjoying success on Netflix.

This shows that GTA still continues to attract the attention of many players, now reaching the “mobile games” market. The success of the game drew attention and Brazil is among the countries that most enjoyed the new feature. Check out!

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GTA Trilogy already has more than 30 million downloads

Netflix entered the digital games market some time ago, and nowadays its catalog is well praised, offering titles such as Sonic Mania, Hades, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, OXENFREE, Twelve Minutes, among many others. Recently this catalog started to include GTA Trilogy, the remastered PS2 version of 3 classic games from the franchise, GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City and GTA III.

According to Appmagic, the main title in the trilogy, San Andreas, already has 20.5 million downloads. Vice City is in second place, with 6.5 million downloads, followed by GTA 3 with 3.3 million. Thus, the three games combined already have 30.3 million downloads on the platform.

An interesting detail of this study is that it reveals that iOS is the most used operating system to play titles. Of these 30.3 million downloads, an incredible 23.1 million were made on devices with Apple’s operating system, that is, on iPhones.

Brazil is among the countries that play the most

GTA Trilogy no celular

The study also revealed the countries that downloaded the most games, and Brazil stands out on this list.

In the case of San Andreas, which is the most downloaded game, Brazil is in second place in the country that has enjoyed the most, with 11% of downloads, just behind the USA with 25%. Then come India and Mexico with 8% and the United Kingdom with 4%

In the case of Vice City and GTA 3, Brazil comes in third place. In Vice City, the USA has 23% of installations, followed by India with 18% and Brazil, Turkey and the United Kingdom with 5% each. In GTA 3, the USA leads with 25% of installations, followed by India with 12% and Brazil with 6%. Mexico and the United Kingdom are tied with 5% each.

Even though Netflix does not have gaming as its main activity, the company has shown that it is making an effort to keep this segment strong within the platform. Last week it revealed that it is looking for a new head of games, as longtime leader Mike Verdu is starting a new “games innovations” team within the company.

Netflix’s vice president and head of external games, Leanne Loombe, also revealed last week that they intend to add more customization to the platform’s games catalog. The idea is to offer different types of games for different types of players.

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