“IT DIDN’T EVEN CLICK! IT DIDN’T EVEN CLICK!” This is a common provocation among FPS (first person shooter) players. Whenever you kill an opponent, if you want to provoke him, just say “It didn’t even click”, in a mocking tone. It’s as if you were so quick in your move that your opponent didn’t even have time to react to click the mouse.

Provocation does not always live up to the truth. Many times the guy escaped the exchange with just 1 life and keeps shouting “You didn’t even click” in the chat. But… if you had the automatic clicker that I’m going to show you in the video below, I don’t know if you would become the best FPS player in the world. But you would definitely be the fastest “finger” on the server.

O Lucas Dynamics, who has a YouTube channel where he creates gadgets with Lego, posted a video where he shows the process of creating an automatic clicker. The objective was not to play a first-person shooter. Just beat the world record for clicks per second. On the CPS Test website, the previous record was 37 CPS (clicks per second).

Manually, he had only achieved 8.2 CPS. Then he made his first attempt with the automatic clicker, which only achieved 8.6 CPS. Then the video starts to look cool, as Lucas shows the changes he is making and the new results.

Adjustments such as changing the click angle, adding new gears and even a way to control fast clicks are implemented. After several tests, Lucas’ automatic clicker reaches the absurd number of 70.2 CPS. Watch the entire process in the video below, it’s very interesting.

When it’s at maximum speed, it even looks like a blender running. Now imagine playing the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 with this gadget attached to your super expensive gaming mouse. I don’t think even the game server would be able to process that many clicks per second. It would be lag after lag. Anyway, a really cool experience.

For those who know, Lego Technic is a line of Legos known for having more complex and detailed pieces, which allow the construction of models with real mechanical movements and functions, such as cars with steering and engines, cranes that can lift objects and even versions simplified versions of real machines.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/clicador-automatico-rapido.html

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