O Google is developing a diagnostic center for identify smartphone faults without the need for technical assistance.

The functionality appeared in Android 15 Beta 3 and includes tests for the display and a section for evaluating battery health. The tool is expected to be launched with the definitive version of the system by the end of the year. In the next paragraphs I bring more details about this news.

Full diagnostic center on Android 15

The news was revealed by the developer mishal rehman and reported by Android Authority last Thursday (21). With the third Beta, Android introduced a new section in settings called “Device Diagnostics”.

This menu makes it possible to carry out tests on the hardware to detect possible defects. Includes manual screen and touch analyses, similar to the feature available on devices Samsung. It also allows you to check battery condition and cycle count, as well as assess storage integrity, eliminating the need for external applications.

Additionally, there is an evaluation mode that allows you to use your own cell phone to diagnose another device, making it easier to identify problems on third-party devices.

Expectations for Android 15

The expectation is that the tool will be available to everyone with the arrival of Android 15, scheduled for the second half of the year. However, initially, only eligible models from the Google Pixel line should receive the update immediately, as other manufacturers have specific timelines.

In addition to the diagnostics center, the update will bring options to hide applications and new security features to increase the device’s protection against theft or theft. The latest news was the launch of Android 15 Beta 3, a more stable version of the system.

The update includes an improved interface for passkeys, quick login via PIN or biometrics, and investigations point to future security features, such as detecting flaws in biometric authentication.

The system will incorporate a “private space” for apps that require privacy and anti-theft protection, identifying possible theft. The function will be compatible with Android 10 or higher devices, and will be tested first in Brazil. Other functions are partial screen recordings and intuitive volume controls. A new beta version is expected in July, with no official release date.

Source: Android Authority

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/android-15-diagnostico-bateria.html

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