At the Computex 2024 fair, the company Cooler Master showed many new features. They brought products that impressed everyone, from fans to professionals. Among the items, such as modern cabinets and high-resolution monitors, one thing caught the most attention. It was one arcade machine small call Retro Screen. This mini version of the old machines has built-in controls that respond quickly and allows you to program your way, making each game special for whoever plays.

Despite the enormous potential, Cooler Master maintained a certain mystery, declaring that for now this product remains a prototype in the experimental stage. There has been no definitive confirmation on the availability of the product for the general public. However, the Full HD (1080p) screen combined with the versatile features already seem to be enough to generate a positive buzz among fair attendees.

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The charming Retro Screen, despite its vintage gaming-focused appearance, features eclectic functionality. During the exhibition at Computex, it was possible to observe that the device had multifunctional applications, including even a Spotify icon, demonstrating that the machine has capabilities beyond games, as well as practical uses such as a digital clock that offers weather information.

Attentive observers were also able to notice that, while the Retro Screen’s potential is high, there are still areas that could be improved to raise the device’s level. A photo shared by the Tom’s Hardware portal showed the presence of a home screen with plenty of space available for applications, but still lacking in diversification and detail in terms of offering icons and supplementary information.

Cooler Master kept specific secrets about the internal components of the Retro Screen and the exact type of panel used to manufacture its screen. The only information disclosed is that the device’s operating system is exclusive to the brand. If they decide to move towards mass production, it would open doors to a new world where developers would have the chance to contribute applications and games specially designed for this stunning mini-arcade.

Although it refers to the beloved old arcade machines, Retro Screen discards the use of emulators and focuses on the inclusion of official games or games created by the community of fans and talented developers. The aforementioned Tom’s Hardware website praised it, mentioning that the hardware is of high quality, with controls that react precisely to touch and, in addition, it boasts Bluetooth compatibility. This feature exponentially expands the gaming possibilities, making Retro Screen a promising and extremely fun platform for interacting with electronic games.

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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