A Kingston Technology, a giant in the memory and storage sector, chose Computex 2024 to showcase its new inventions. One of the big news is the new CAMM2 memory standard (Compression Attached Memory Module). This standard will greatly improve the performance of gaming notebooks and mobile workstations. These devices need more and better features to satisfy their users.

Kevin Wu, Vice President of Business at Kingston, made pointed observations about the current industry landscape, emphasizing how the growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a catalyst in sector transformations. Additionally, on the same occasion, Kingston demonstrated its updated product line, which includes high-performance memory modules and SSDs, underlining the market’s continued demand for solutions that combine large storage capacity with exceptional performance.

Products already planned compatible with CAMM2 memories

The launch of the new CAMM2 standard ended up being one of the most talked about topics during the event. This standard offers a series of benefits, including a more compact design, optimized power consumption and improvements in terms of capacity and speed when compared to other modules on the market. This configuration is perfect for notebooks focused on gamers; therefore, CAMM2 is prepared to elevate these users’ experiences, making them even more immersive and fluid.

One of the concrete examples of this new technology is the module Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 CAMM2 — a RAM unit adapted to the newly announced standard. This module, which was revealed at Computex, works with a frequency of DDR5-5600 and will initially be available in 32GB and 64GB versions. Additionally, there are ambitious plans to launch future versions of 128GB and even 256GB.

While an official launch date has not yet been determined, Kingston indicates that it plans to make this exciting new technology available before the end of 2024. Although prices have also not been released, they are expected to be above current prices for SO-DIMM modules that feature similar specifications, given the substantial advantages that the new modules offer.

In addition to launching new RAM memories, new motherboards will also arrive. They are made to use those memories right. Big brands like MSI and Asus have already shown a little of what’s coming at Computex, in the Kingston space. MSI brought the Project Zero motherboard, which has the new type of RAM. And the Z790 Project Zero Plus follows this line, promising a different assembly inside. Its connectors are located at the back, which helps solve space problems to cool the machine. This happens because there are no ATX cables or RAM blocks in the way.

Advantages of CAMM2 RAM memories

The virtues of the CAMM2 standard really stand out when detailed. It not only efficiently saves physical space, but also allows you to achieve processing speeds that surpass those possible with older SO-DIMM modules. CAMM2 modules can be 57% thinner compared to SO-DIMMs, facilitating a leaner and more efficient arrangement of notebook internal components.

Kingston goes further and also highlights a special feature called “single lane”, which significantly improves the connection between the memory module and the motherboard, surpassing the standards provided by previous SO-DIMMs. Another point in favor of CAMM2 is the advanced support for multi-channel memory in a single component, which means that only one module is needed to enable dual-channel memory, thus maximizing the 128-bit connection directly to the CPU, thus creating a much more robust communication channel.

This new memory standard helps to use LPDDR5(X) chips, which are faster than DDR5. Notebooks can have LPDDR5(X) memory that is unsoldered, giving more options for future improvements. The Kingston chips shown today only use DDR5, but it is expected that in the future, LPDDR5(X) versions will be available for desktop computers as well. This will give consumers more choices.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-06/kingston-revela-modulos-camm2.html

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